Testimonials From Customers

We turned to RevaWare after being frustrated with extremely high costs and overly complicated interfaces and report generation mechanisms found in most IP docketing products. Frankly, with most systems I felt like a car salesman was trying to sell me the rust-undercoating when you added up all the extra costs for every use of the database.


RevaTrademark is a simple and straightforward system that does a very effective job of giving me what I need - flexible reports with all my deadlines. I can easily communicate with my firm's internal IP staff and my clients using RevaTrademark.


W. Scott Creasman

Taylor English Duma LLP

Atlanta, Georgia


I've used the RevaWare trademark docketing program for more than a year now in my solo practice after working at large firms that used other docketing software. I find it simple to use, reasonably priced, yet surprisingly sophisticated and powerful, capable of handling both U.S. and international portfolios.

I find particularly helpful the one-click access from the program to the corresponding PTO record, easy monitoring of prosecution deadlines, and a useful group of canned reports provided with the program. While the program has happily required only minimal amounts of technical support, when I have needed help, I have just picked up the phone and called the company, and the assistance I've received has been immediate and comprehensive.


James R. Robinson

Robinson Law Office, PLLC

Houston, Texas


I have used RevaTrademark for several years and have been very pleased with its many user-friendly features, especially the seamless click-through to the USPTO records. The Merge feature is extremely helpful and an efficient way to provide routine updates to our clients. I use the Reports often and appreciate having the ability to customize the reports to suit the client's needs. RevaTrademark packs a powerful punch for the price and the features stand up well against any of the more expensive docketing systems that I have used in the past. I certainly recommend it to other trademark and patent firms.


Mary Anne Tomlinson


Waller, Lansden, Dortch & Davis

Nashville, TN


RevaTrademark is highly intuitive, so minimal staff training was required. It does everything we need it to do and the RevaWare team gave us excellent support at every stage. We have had an excellent and easy experience implementing and using this software and will continue to use it for years to come.


Chris Baxter

Baxter IP

New South Wales



The program is very intuitive and easy to use. I really appreciate the friendly tech support, and that there are no additional costs beyond licensing the software.


Enrico La Malfa

Safety Brand

Bologna, Italy