Transparent Pricing


“I felt like a car salesman was trying to sell me the rust-undercoating when you added up all the extra costs for every use of the database.”


That's a quote from one of our customers, explaining what it was like trying to get one of our competitors to give a straight answer about how much their system would cost his firm. The monthly fee sounded low enough ... until he realized every additional bit of information added to a patent or trademark record would rack up an additional fee.


There are no surprises and no hidden costs with RevaTrademark. Our license fees are based on the total number of patents and trademarks you need the system to accommodate, period. We don't count how many users you add to the system or how much data you add to any patent or trademark record. So add all the dates, contacts, actions and document links you need, without worrying about hidden “per-record” fees.



Monthly License Fees


(All prices are in U.S. dollars)


Level One (up to 150 trademarks/patents):



Level Two (up to 300 trademarks/patents):



Level Three (up to 600 trademarks/patents):



Level Four (up to 1500 trademarks/patents):



Level Five (unlimited trademarks/patents):




If you choose the IP Tracker option, there is an additional $29.00/month fee. Prices include a Microsoft Azure SQL Server database. Current prices are subject to change when Microsoft raises prices for Azure databases.



Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge for training and support?


Our technical support is free. We believe software manufacturers owe it to their clients to provide assistance when it‘s necessary. RevaTrademark includes several video tutorials that can be accessed from the Help menu and provide comprehensive training on the system. New users can simply watch the videos, then practice what they've learned by logging into the demo database. As a result, we receive very few calls for help.


What if we expand our practice beyond the number of trademarks and patents allowed?


If you reach the limit of your current license, you can upgrade to the next level by paying the difference in the monthly price.


Is this a web application? Can I use RevaTrademark from a remote location?


RevaTrademark is not a web application, but you can use it remotely. You simply load the client software onto as many PCs as you choose, then connect to the database, which lives in the cloud.


Can I use RevaTrademark on my Mac?


RevaTrademark doesn't run natively on a Mac computer. However, we have customers who have installed Parallels on their Macs to create a Windows environment. The software works perfectly in Parallels.


Can we allow some users to view the data but not alter it?


RevaTrademark allows you to add users to different roles with different permisisons. One role allows users full database access, another allows full access minus the ability to delete records, and the third role is view-only ... that is, users can view records, run searches, and print reports, but they can't add, edit, or delete information.


We've been keeping our data in spreadsheets. Do we have to re-type it all?


Our programmers can import existing data from several formats, including spreadsheets and other databases. If the data is clean, this is a free service for new customers. If the data is a mess and requires a lot of manual manipulation before importing, we'll give you an estimate on the time and cost involved ... but roughly 90% of our new customers don't end up paying any additional fees.