Frequently Asked Questions

How much extra hardware and software will we need to buy to use RevaTrademark?

Probably none. RevaTrademark runs on the Windows PCs you already own. (See specific requirements below.)

We don't have a SQL Server at our firm. Can we still use RevaTrademark?

Yes. You can download SQL Server 2012 Express and SQL Server Management Studio Express from our website when you license the full version of RevaTrademark. These programs turn a PC into a SQL Server. The setup includes video tutorials on how to set up SQL Server and the RevaTrademark database.

Is there a per-user or per-record fee?

No. Our prices are based on the number of trademarks and patents you can enter into the system, but you are not charged for each user, or for each new record. You can load the client software on as many PCs as you choose.

How much do you charge for training and support?

Our technical support is free. We believe software manufacturers owe it to their clients to provide assistance when it's necessary. RevaTrademark includes several video tutorials that can be accessed from the Help menu and provide comprehensive training on the system. New users can simply watch the videos, then practice what they've learned by logging into the demo database. As a result, we receive very few calls for help.

What if we expand our practice beyond the number of trademarks and patents allowed?

If you reach the limit of your installation, you can upgrade to the next level by paying the difference in the price.

Is there a yearly subscription fee?

No. Once you've licensed your copy of RevaTrademark, you're done paying for it. When we release future versions, we'll offer existing customers a steep discount on upgrades.

Can we make payments on a system?

Yes. You can divide the license fee into four or six monthly payments if you prefer.

Is this a web application? Can I use RevaTrademark from a remote location?

RevaTrademark is not a web application, but you can use it remotely. You can use a virtual private network, or give your server an internet address and connect to it through the internet. Another easy option is to simply log in to your office PC using Citrix or GoToMyPC, which is a consumer-level version of Citrix. Citrix and GoToMyPC even allow you to log in to your office PC from an Apple Macintosh.

Can we allow some users to view the data but not alter it?

RevaTrademark allows you to add users to different roles with different permisisons. One role allows users full database access, another allows full access minus the ability to delete records, and the third role is view-only ... that is, users can view records, run searches, and print reports, but they can't add, edit, or delete information.

We've been keeping our data in spreadsheets. Do we have to re-type it all?

Our programmers can import existing data from several formats, including spreadsheets and other databases. If your current data is in a consistent format, we'll import it at no charge. 

System Requirements:

To use RevaTrademark, you need a Windows® PC. If you bought your computer in the past five years, it almost certainly meets the requirements for running RevaTrademark.

To be more specific, we recommend the following minimum system requirements:

  • Pentium 3 or higher processor.
  • Microsoft Windows® XP or later.
  • 512 megabytes (MB) of RAM on client machines.
  • 100 MB of available hard-disk space on client machines.
  • Monitor screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or better.
  • To take full advantage of the mail-merge functions, you also need Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel 2003 or later.

License Fees

(All prices are in U.S. dollars)

Level One (up to 150 trademarks/patents):

Level Two (up to 300 trademarks/patents):

Level Three (up to 600 trademarks/patents):

Level Four (up to 1500 trademarks/patents):

Level Five (unlimited trademarks/patents):